Men's Competition Results 2015

Committee Prize Sunday 22nd March:
 1st J.Poole 43pts, 2nd P. Claffey 38pts
Tony Brophy Sunday 5th April:
1st Gerry Keane 65, 2nd Johnny Mahoney 65, Cat 1 Aidan Mulvihill 65, Cat 2 Tony Mitchell 66 and Cat 3 Jimmy Desay 66
Scahill’s Stores Sunday 12th April:
1st Peter Hester 38pts, 2nd Kieran Rosney 37pts, Cat 1 Anto McCormack 37pts, Cat 2 Padraig Gorham 37pts and Cat 3 Eugene Flanagan 36pts
Senator John Kelly Sunday 19th April:
1st Ronan Cahill 41pts, 2nd Fr Joe Poole 39pts, Cat 1 Sean O’Connell 38pts, Cat 2 Peter Morris 39pts and Cat 3 Greg Kelly 39pts
Cunnane Insurance Sunday 26th April:
1st Jimmy Joyce 40pts, 2nd Sean O’Connell 37pts, Cat 1 Kieran Rosney 36pts, Cat 2 Peter Hester 36pts and Cat 3 Michael Mulligan 36pts
Four Club Alliance Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th May:
1st Padraig Rabbitt 41pts, 2nd Patrick O’Connor Jnr 41pts and 3RD Tony Mitchell 40pts
Harmac Medical Sunday 10th May:
1st Colin Larkin 38pts, 2nd Liam O’Connell 37pts, Cat 1 Dara Bruen 34pts, Cat 2 Eddie Campion 35pts and Cat 3 Padraig Casey 31pts
Tony O’Reilly Sunday 17th May:
1st Gerry O’Gara 41pts, 2nd Gerry Ryan 40pts, Cat 1 Jimmy Joyce 39pts, Cat 2 Padraic Gorham 38pts and Cat 3 Noel Mannion 37pts

Hayden’s Shoes Sunday 24th May:
1st John Keane 61, 2nd Rev Joe Poole 62, Cat. 1 Tony Mitchel 65, Cat. 2 Eddie Campion 65 and
Cat. 3 Eugene O Connell 67
Lyon’s Mace Sunday 31st May:
1st Patrick O’Connor Jnr 38pts, 2nd Peter Hester 37pts, Cat. 1 Tom Byrne 36pts, Cat. 2 Paul Connaughton 33pts and Cat. 3 Michael Mulligan 36pts
O’Connor Don Cup Sunday 7th June:
1st Ronan Cahill 40pts, 2nd Peter Morris 39pts, Cat. 1 Tony Mitchell 38pts, Cat. 2 Tony Brophy 39pts and Cat. 3  Tony Reilly 33pts
Cllr Michael Creaton Sunday 14th June:
1st Padraic Gorham 43pts, 2nd Daniel Fay 42pts, Cat. 1 Fr Joe Poole 40pts, Cat. 2 Mervyn Kelly 40pts and Cat. 3 Johnny Mahoney 37pts
Mulvihill Cup Sunday 21st June:
1st Tommy Bruen 43pts, 2nd Jimmy Joyce 41pts, Cat. 1 Daryl Kelly 41pts, Cat. 2 Peter Morris 41pts and Cat. 3 Eugene Flanagan 39pts

Club Classic Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June sponsored by Tully's Total Health Pharmacy:
1st Gerry Ryan, Frank McGuinness, Margaret McGuinness
2nd Maureen Claffey, Geoffrey Claffey, Conrad Byrnes.
3rd Greg Kelly, Pat O'Connor, Michael McNamara
4th Mick Creaton, Mamie Creaton, Paddy Dolan


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